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Company Brief
Company Brief

Our parent company K-MAC(Korea Materials & Analysis Corp.) was established in Daejeon- South Korea since 1996, which has developed and provided many unique and advanced analytical solution for Semiconductor, FPD, Electronic Materials, Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis field. Especially in FPD market, K-MAC has accomplished a remarkable growth from selling varies kind of optical metrology to many well-known TFT-LCD makers around the world, such as Samsung, LGD, AUO, Chimei-InnoLux, BOE, Sharp…etc. “K-MAC” brand has been achieved worldwide recognition for its outstanding performance. K-MAC Taiwan(K-MAC Technology Corp.) was founded in 2010, in order to provide instant, direct and diverse service to Taiwan customers, we sale not only optical measurement equipment of K-MAC’s brand, but also be representative of other equipment makers. In the meanwhile, we have also successfully started Photovoltaic business by providing total solution of PV system integration design to those who are willing to make efforts on our living earth. Gathering the power of the sun, we hope to make a very clean environment for ourselves and also for our next generation.

Competitive advantage
Main Product:
1.    TFT & Semiconductor Field: Thin-Film Thickness Measurement System, Color Measurement System, 3D Profiler
2.    PCB Field: OSP Film Thickness Measurement System
3.    Desk-top film thickness measurement system, education spectrometer
4.    Bio Field: Bio Chip, SPR, Strip Reader
5.    LCD Module Automatic Bonding Machine (COG,COF,ACF,OLB Bonding Machine)
6.    PV system integration & installation
7.    Sales for PV module

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